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    Web Development

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    Utilaje Maramures

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Utilaje Maramures – www.utilajemaramures.ro

Services: branding, web development


Utilaje Maramureș, a supplier of construction machinery, faces an outdated and inconsistent visual identity. It does not adequately reflect the professionalism and quality of the services they offer, so the company needs a complete rebranding.



Our challenge is to develop a modern and distinctive visual identity. We need to find a visual direction that conveys their professionalism and expertise in the construction machinery field while adding a touch of personality that sets them apart from the competition.

We began by conducting an industry and competition analysis to identify trends and distinctive elements. We presented and discussed proposed concepts and designs with the client, providing them with the opportunity to provide feedback and make adjustments based on their preferences. We discussed their desire for a modern and personality-filled visual identity, as well as the importance of illustrating the excavator arm in the logo. We started the logo creation process by sketching and exploring various design concepts and directions.


We selected colors and fonts to complement the logo design. We made sure that these were contemporary and in line with the visual direction discussed with the client.

A complete visual identity system was developed, including deliverables such as the presentation folder, customized letterhead and footer documents, badges, business cards, and the brand manual. We used a modern approach with clean lines and colors that convey progress, innovation, and confidence.

As a result, we successfully addressed the outdated visual identity issue for Utilaje Maramureș, creating a modern version that reflects their professionalism and solidity in the construction machinery industry.