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    Web Development

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    Rêver Cosmétique

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Rêver Cosmétique- www.revercosmetique.ro

Services: branding, web development, ad campaign, SMM, product photography

The Challenge

Rever Cosmetique faced the challenge of creating a strong brand in a competitive industry, such as cosmetics. The client wanted to differentiate itself by offering high-quality products with natural ingredients and positioning itself as a trustworthy and refined supplier in the cosmetics industry. Another aspect of the challenge was highlighting that their products were made in Italy, a country renowned for the quality and refinement of its products.


We explored the essence of the brand by identifying its values, mission, and vision. We created a distinctive logo and visual identity that conveyed elegance and product quality. The design was inspired by the sophisticated Italian style and minimal simplicity. Therefore, the initial concept was that it should not contain graphic elements, motifs, etc., but be created solely from the brand name. Using a serif font was the most suitable choice; of course, this font was adjusted to ensure that its presentation at very small sizes would not create issues, both digitally and in print.

The color palette chosen for Rever Cosmetique is a strategic one, with each color in the palette having specific meanings, contributing to creating a coherent and captivating visual experience: green, dark gray, and white. The color green symbolizes nature, freshness, and balance. In the context of cosmetics, green evokes the idea of natural ingredients. Dark gray is associated with luxury and superior product quality, reflecting attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. White is an iconic color in the cosmetics industry, symbolizing purity, clarity, and freshness.

To create an impressive online presence, we developed a modern and functional website for Rever Cosmetique. We integrated high-quality visual design with advanced features, such as intuitive navigation, a secure online store, and a blog section to share useful skincare information. We also created search engine optimized (SEO) content to ensure greater visibility in online searches.

To increase the brand’s visibility and attract potential customers, we designed and implemented an effective advertising campaign. We conducted detailed market research and created personalized ads for various channels, such as Google Ads and social networks. Offline advertising materials were also created for the campaign.

As part of the overall project, we also managed the social media pages. We understand the importance of an active and effective presence on social platforms and developed a customized strategy to increase engagement and brand visibility. To showcase Rever Cosmetique’s products attractively and professionally, we organized product photography sessions. We created high-resolution images that highlighted the texture, packaging, and benefits of the products. We used lighting techniques and background settings to create elegant and captivating images that inspire trust and convey the brand’s message of quality and refinement.



Our collaboration with Rever Cosmetique resulted in the following notable outcomes:

A strong and cohesive brand identity. A modern and functional website that provides a pleasant user experience and facilitates online shopping. An effective advertising campaign that generated a significant increase in website traffic and conversions. Through SMM, we increased the number of subscribers, generated positive interactions, and amplified the visibility of the Rever Cosmetique brand on social platforms. Professional product images that improved the appearance of the products and attracted the attention of the target audience.