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Play-Ground – www.play-ground.ro

We are pleased to present our project dedicated to Play-Ground, specialized in organizing creative activities and workshops. We are committed to creating an engaging and informative presentation Website for Play-Ground to provide customers with an interactive and inspiring experience in discovering the activities and workshops offered. Our site for Play-Ground is designed to be a virtual place to explore and entertain for all those passionate about creative and fun activities.

With an attractive design and intuitive structure, the site allows users to discover the wide range of workshops and activities organized by Play-Ground, register at events and learn useful information about locations, programs, and instructions. Our team made sure that the site reflects the playful and creative atmosphere of Play-Ground, highlighting the diversity and originality of each activity and workshop.

We have integrated interactive features to provide users with a personalized and immersive experience, encouraging them to explore and engage in the fun and learning world of Play-Ground. We are proud to be part of this project and contribute to promoting a unique and memorable experience for Play-Ground customers.

We invite you to explore our website and join the Play-Ground community to enjoy moments of fun and creativity with your loved ones.



About Play-Ground

Regardless of the type of activity, our staff gets the little ones moving to keep them healthy and active, both physically and mentally. We stimulate creativity and skills through activities that involve hands-on work and creativity, developing logical thinking. We know that this word brings joy to every child’s heart, so the activities are integrated into outdoor walks.

We organize music and dance workshops where we compose and move, directing children’s attention to these two arts. We shoot with bows and arrows, draw, paint, differentiate types of clouds, and play while learning about animals, professions, and hobbies. During each activity, we ensure that the little ones have enough energy to focus on the fun parts of the day.


Our story began from the desire to see our own child having quality activities with other children, preferably in nature and fresh air. Children need social environments that stimulate their creativity, logical thinking, and develop an interest in art. We really wanted the activities to provide them with a few good hours of physical activity, so we integrated sports into various games and workshops to increase enthusiasm and expend all their energy for the day. We believe we have succeeded in creating a dynamic, creative, fun, educational, and interactive “space” for events, regardless of the type of activity: Guided forest hikes, Outdoor activities, Eco-friendly activities, Birthdays, Themed parties.

Our staff consists of authorized teachers, educators, and instructors, prepared for any adventure that may come their way during activities. The number of staff members varies depending on the number of children and the parents’ requirements. Children receive round-the-clock supervision, educational and creative workshops, and lots of physical activity. Specialized trainers can also participate in events to organize various workshops that will delight the young audience with their knowledge and expertise in the workshop areas: theater, music, dance, drawing, painting, and handicrafts.