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Nicolae Iorga – www.nicolaeiorga.ro

We are pleased to present our project dedicated to the Nicolae Iorga Gymnasium School in Cluj-Napoca. We are committed to creating an informative and engaging presentation Website for this educational institution, in order to facilitate communication with the school community and provide easy access to important information. Our website for the Nicolae Iorga Gymnasium School is designed to provide quick and easy access to various resources and information relevant to parents, students and teachers.

With a friendly design and intuitive structure, the site allows users to quickly find information about school schedules, school events, extracurricular activities, and more. Our team has ensured that the website reflects the values and mission of the Nicolae Iorga Gymnasium School, highlighting the excellence in education and the commitment to the academic and personal development of students. We have also integrated functionalities to facilitate communication and collaboration between school, parents and students.

We are proud to be part of this project and to contribute to the promotion of a quality educational institution. We invite you to explore the website and discover all the useful resources and information offered by Nicolae Iorga Gymnasium School in Cluj-Napoca.

For a high quality education and a positive school experience, Nicolae Iorga School is the perfect choice for your children.



About Nicolae Iorga

Starting from the years 1920-1921, the economic and social life of the city entered a new period of development. The transformation of the community led to the expansion of workshops and factories in the Iris area. Many of the young residents of the neighborhood found employment at the Iris factory and the CFR Workshops, with a significant number of them settling in the area, resulting in a substantial increase in the student population. In the area, there was a Reformed confessional school attended by some of the Hungarian children. However, most of the children had to travel long distances to reach the schools in the city center.

All residents of the neighborhood desired and fought to have a school nearby. Consequently, they approached the local authorities and the educational authorities of the city. As a result, the first state school in the neighborhood was built on land owned by the community, which had previously served as a marketplace and hay storage for the city.



The mission is to provide quality education centered on the needs and interests of students, parents, and the community. It is a place where teachers build a confident community that offers equal learning opportunities without discrimination, in order to adapt to the dynamics of society.



Our school aims to become a complex and modern organization by transforming mentalities and attitudes into positive educational experiences, a school for the mind, body, and soul appreciated by all students, parents, and the close-knit community, in an open partnership.