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    Branding, Web development, SMM, Google and Social media ads, Label design

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    Natural Healing

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Natural Healing – www.naturalhealing.ro

Services: branding, web development, SMM, Google and social media ads, label design / product label design


Natural Healing, an online store specializing in active supplements, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and innovative treatments, came to us with a complex challenge. They needed a robust branding strategy, the development of an attractive and functional website, social media promotion, and Google advertising. Additionally, we collaborated on creating labels for Natural Healing’s new products.



To tackle this multifaceted challenge, we began by gaining an in-depth understanding of Natural Healing’s business and target audience. For branding, we created a coherent visual identity that conveyed Natural Healing’s values and promises. We designed a unique and memorable logo with a combination of colors and fonts that expressed naturalness and conveyed a sense of trust and quality.

Regarding website development, we created an intuitive and pleasant user experience. We optimized the website for loading speed and easy navigation, and the responsive design ensured a seamless experience on all devices. Recognizing the importance of well-crafted banners, we designed them for each product category, both on individual pages and the homepage.

Through SMM, we developed and implemented a strategy of engaging and valuable content tailored to the audience’s preferences and interests. We created and distributed relevant content, including informative articles, health tips, reviews, and special offers. We managed and monitored interactions with users, responding promptly to questions and comments and encouraging engagement and loyalty to the brand.

Towards the end of 2022, the client wanted us to collaborate in designing labels for Natural Healing’s new products. We created a concept that aligned with the brand identity and offered an attractive and coherent presentation of the products. We combined graphic and informational elements to ensure clear and efficient communication with consumers.



Through our close collaboration with Natural Healing and the application of our strategies and tactics, we achieved remarkable results. The online store experienced significant growth in traffic and sales, and their presence on social media became stronger and more interactive. Google and social media advertising campaigns captured the attention of a large number of interested users and generated a positive ROI.

Moreover, the design of Natural Healing’s product labels was very well-received by customers. Our labels conveyed the necessary information in an attractive and professional manner, highlighting the quality and authenticity of the products.

Through these integrated services of branding, web development, SMM, Google and social media ads, and label design, we helped Natural Healing differentiate itself in the market and attract and retain customers. We are proud of the results achieved!