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LumeaCaLumea – www.lumeacalumea.ro

Services: branding, web development, ad campaign, social media management, label design


The “Lumea ca Lumea” Association embarked on a significant mission to help children, young people, families, and the elderly in disadvantaged communities. They faced a significant challenge – to increase their visibility and expand their impact on the target community. A strong branding strategy, a modern and engaging website, and a presentation video were needed to efficiently and captivatingly communicate their mission and values.


Our team deeply understood the importance of this organization and its noble mission. We developed a comprehensive approach that involved three key services: branding, web development, and presentation video production. Firstly, we worked closely with the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association to develop a strong brand that reflected the organization’s values, vision, and mission. We created a memorable logo and a set of corresponding visual identity elements that conveyed the desired message and created a strong and distinct identity.

The next step was to develop a modern and intuitive website. We created an online platform that provided clear and concise information about the activities and projects of the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association. We used an attractive design with relevant images and easy navigation, ensuring that users could quickly and easily find the information they needed.

A video was created to capture emotions and tell the organization’s story, highlighting their efforts to help the community. We integrated video recordings with the families they assisted, images, and powerful messages to convey the positive impact of the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association in a memorable way.


As a result of our collaboration with the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association, remarkable results were achieved. The new brand identity created a strong and recognizable image for the organization, amplifying its visibility and credibility in the community. The newly developed website facilitated access to essential information for beneficiaries, donors, and collaborators, increasing community interaction and support. The presentation video captivated the audience, raising awareness and engagement in the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association’s cause.

We are proud to have been part of this project and to support the “Lumea ca Lumea” Association in their noble efforts.