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Lehbrothers – www.lehbrothers.com

Services: branding, web development, ad campaign, video marketing


Webtopocket received an interesting challenge from our client, Lehbrothers, an innovative company in the mobile gaming industry. Lehbrothers focuses on creating casual, fun, and engaging games for all ages. They were looking for an agency capable of providing them with comprehensive digital marketing solutions to promote their games and expand their audience.


Our team sprung into action, approaching the project with enthusiasm and creativity. We began by developing a modern and appealing website that reflects the fun and playful atmosphere characteristic of Lehbrothers’ games.

We also implemented well-targeted advertising campaigns for each game individually. We identified the target audience and used customized strategies to capture the attention of potential players.

We assisted in creating visual elements for each game, such as title screens, menus, textures, and other images aimed at promoting them on the App Store and Google Play stores.

To provide a more detailed and captivating presentation of each game, we created professional promotional videos. We worked with Lehbrothers to understand the essence and strengths of each game and translated these elements into creative and engaging videos. These served as powerful promotional tools, helping players get a better idea of the games and become more inclined to download and try them.


In conclusion, through our approach, we succeeded in helping Lehbrothers improve their online presence, expand their audience, and increase their success in the mobile gaming industry. We are proud of the results and are excited to continue working with passionate clients like Lehbrothers.