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    Web Development - Branding

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    Destroyed Secure

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Destroyed Secure – www.destroyedsecure.ro

Services: branding, web development, ad campaign, video marketing


Destroyed Secure is a company specializing in data security, offering secure and comprehensive solutions for the complete and irreversible removal of sensitive information from clients’ devices. The brand faced the challenge of creating a strong identity.


To address this challenge, our team developed a comprehensive strategy that included branding, web development, advertising campaigns, and, of course, a presentation video.

To develop a logo that conveys a futuristic, modern, and innovative impression, we needed to consider key elements such as strong lines, angles, and symbols that suggest progress and advancement into the future. We explored the use of strong lines and geometry to imply progress and evolution, focusing on simplicity and visual impact, eliminating redundant elements while retaining the essence of the core idea.

We looked for contemporary color combinations that would highlight the brand’s innovative aspect. It was important to consider the practical aspect of the logo so that it could be easily reproduced and remain easily identifiable in both digital and print formats. Once the logo was finalized, we created versions in various formats for use across different media. Finally, we ensured the delivery of a complete visual identity package.

To increase brand visibility and attract new customers, we launched a well-targeted advertising campaign on relevant platforms, using segmentation and optimization strategies for optimal results. Subsequently, we produced a presentation video that effectively highlighted the brand’s services and professionalism. The final result was a professional video that was well-received by the audience and contributed to building trust in the brand and convincing customers to turn to Destroyed Secure for their data security needs.


In conclusion, our collaboration with the Destroyed Secure brand demonstrated that an integrated approach can have a significant impact on brand success and growth. We are proud of the results achieved and are ready to continue supporting the Destroyed Secure brand in their efforts.