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Clean-Compact – www.clean-compact.ro

Welcome to our portfolio! We are proud to present our work dedicated to the cleaning company Clean-Compact. We have developed a graphic identity and a presentation website that reflects the professionalism and efficiency of the services offered by Clean-Compact.

From the captivating design of the logo to the intuitive layout of the website, every aspect of the project has been created with care and passion to highlight the quality and commitment of our company to clients. The presentation website is designed to provide users with a pleasant and informative experience, facilitating access to essential information about Clean-Compact’s services and offers.

Together, we have created an online environment that conveys professionalism and trust, inspiring visitors to use the company’s cleaning services. Every element of the graphics and presentation website is tailored to accurately and coherently represent the Clean-Compact brand, consolidating its reputation in the cleaning industry.

About Clean-Compact

Most of the time, we do our own cleaning at home without professional assistance, and for office cleaning, we rely on employees or a specialized company. However, there are situations where we feel the need for additional help, and in those cases, we step in.

We offer professional cleaning services for both office spaces, common city areas, and homes. Thanks to our extensive equipment and our diverse team, we can undertake a wide range of tasks, including rope access work, cleaning with mobile telescopic scaffolding, facade cleaning with equipment reaching heights of up to 22 meters, cleaning of hard surfaces, green area maintenance, tree cutting, snow removal, and much more.

Complete Services

We provide comprehensive cleaning and washing services, maintenance, and upkeep, including disinfection, pest control, and rodent extermination.


With 3 years of experience in the field, we have successfully completed over 600 cleaning, washing, and maintenance projects.


Even though each project comes with its own challenges, there is no job that does not miraculously and flawlessly transform.