• Project

    Branding, Label design

  • Client

    Aqua Viventia

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Services: branding, label design


Aqua Viventia, a brand new premium alkaline water brand, faces a saturated market of similar products and strong competition from established brands. Despite offering a superior quality product, there are challenges in distinguishing itself and capturing the attention of the target audience.


Our challenge was to develop a fitting design that highlights the uniqueness of the alkaline water brand and sets it apart in the market. We needed to create a strong brand identity and find effective ways to communicate the exceptional quality of their product.

We conducted in-depth market research and analyzed consumer preferences regarding alkaline water. We identified specific trends and needs of the target audience and established the strategic direction for the alkaline water brand.

We created a distinctive logo and a visual identity system (pattern, colors, etc.) that conveys the premium quality of the product and the freshness of the water. The logo contains only the brand name, without motifs or other graphic elements, and the letterforms are simple, aligning with the chosen modern aesthetic. Additionally, the large dimensions of the letters “V” and “A” (from the word “viventia”) frame and encapsulate both words (aqua, viventia) perfectly, creating a structured and balanced logo.

The pattern for the brand’s visual identity is a graphic element that is consistently repeated in various brand applications and marketing materials. It is used to add uniqueness and visual recognition to the brand, contributing to the creation of a strong, modern, and structured identity. The pattern is created from both the simple and modern shapes of the letter “V” and the letter “A.” On the label, it is positioned to draw attention and to be easily recognized by loyal customers.

As a result

we were able to address the differentiation challenge and build a strong brand identity for the alkaline water brand.