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Services: social media management

About ABOVE Interiors

The arrangement of a space does not require only a visual approach, but it is about the process itself of thinking, of skill, of, aspects that helped me define as a professional goal the improvement of the quality and reality of my clients’ lives through the projects I work on.

All interior design projects are based on the understanding of the client, whose mood is influenced by the environment in which he lives, in which they work or in which they carry out relaxation activities. Its ideas, requirements, and desires are found in the project and are stylized and transformed into functional, aesthetic ideas and are properly approached from a technical point of view.

There are also situations that occur during a project that have the role of challenges for me as a designer and this makes my work more dynamic, more exciting, more challenging, it helps me to overcome myself and to learn continuously. There is at least one solution to any potential problem.